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Mother and Son

Our Services

  • Special Education Advocacy Pre-K to 12

  • College Accommodation Advocacy

  • Employment Advocacy

  • Help applying for Social Security benefits

  • Help applying for community programs

  • Disability Awareness Training​

  • Consultation and education for families, educators, businesses and groups

Using Sign Language

Our Lives Drive Our Mission

Compass Rose Disability Advocates is a team with over 40 years experience in the field of disability services, as well as each of us having personal experience with life with disabilities. 


We believe that that each person with a disability should be able to achieve their goals, and that they, as well as their  family members deserve, knowledgeable, compassionate advocates who charge affordable rates to work toward those goals together.  Because of this commitment, even though we are a for profit firm, we offer rates based on income, volume discounts and monthly payments.

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Children looking out school bus window





419-315-4333 (fax)


Jennifer Kirby, Managing Advocate

Medgine Lautzenheiser, Advocate

Victoria Watts, Advocate

Patricia Sanchez, Client Support Specialist

Mailing Address:
PO Box 13166
Dayton, OH 45413

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Meet Our Team

Jennifer Kirby, who has cerebral palsy, has a certificate in autism intervention,  and Masters  degrees in Library Science and Organizational Leadership.  Despite rumors to the contrary,  Jennifer is not an attorney.  She briefly attended law school, but was unable to finish while working full time.  She is however, well versed in  negotiating  with lawyers. Jennifer and her husband David (see below) have four cats, and enjoy travel and food. They split their time between Toledo and Dayton.

Victoria Watts, who has a degree in Psychology, and has been a lifelong advocate for her brother, as well as a professional advocate for ten years. Victoria loves traveling Michigan with her husband and two energetic kids.

Medgine Lautzenheiser, who was a Master  level math teacher  for many years before starting a coaching business for families and youth.  Upon meeting our team, Medgine found a natural outlet for her passion to improve lives and outcomes of youth and families..  Medgine is also a  mom of two teens who are her delight.

Patricia Sanchez, who has a background in international business,  and speaks fluent Spanish. Patricia is a devoted special needs mom to her son , and she shares her caring and energy with our families.

David Kirby, who serves as our driver and jack of all trades.  David is trained as an aviation mechanic and is an expert in aviation history.  In addition to doing whatever we need, David is always willing to talk to families from the perspective of a person with autism. In his spare time, he enjoys giving tours of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

"Communicating your child’s needs and discovering a positive path forward is not easy, especially when emotions are involved. Having an advocate by my side to clear a path forward, eased my stress and brought about a positive change for my children at school. Being stuck in a loop with teachers or school admin regarding your child’s needs is way too stressful and unnecessary! Parents who have concerns need to be heard! Children need to be heard! Having Jennifer in meetings helped me know the regulations and laws which cut through unnecessary arguments and quickly brought change I highly recommend inviting the teams to act as a bridge between the school and your child’s needs."

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